Classes We Offer

MBC Pilates

We have all of the latest Pilates equipment. We also have a staff with the knowledge and experience to know how to use it. Although our teachers each have a unique style, collectively our focus is to help you find flexibility and strength in every movement.

Gyrotonic Tower & Gyrokinesis

Gyrotonic is a movement therapy that focuses on spinal movement and joint articulation. This methodology systematically and gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises

Yamuna Body Rolling

This practice uses 6”- 9” balls to release tightness and tension. You lie on the balls and gently roll your body across a yoga mat, allowing your muscles to lengthen and relax.


This cardiovascular workout is an intriguing blend of dance, martial arts and healing arts. Suitable for all ages and abilities, NIA dramatically improves your strength, balance and flexibility.