The Initial Assessment

The wellbeing and success of every client is the primary concern of Angi Spector, the founder of MBC. She's designed a comprehensive initial assessment that will help shed some light on how your body is functioning today. Angi provides both Group and Individual Assessments, both take about an hour. With her guidance you'll perform a series of mild exercises and movement tests. Together you'll discuss your goals, aspirations and outline exactly what you're hoping for from a fitness program.

Defining and Achieving Goals

We believe in progress and goal setting.  Physical transformation begins with a well-defined intention, and we'll work with you to assess your current fitness level and make concrete goals. The Mindbody Connection staff will work together as a team to design a personalized fitness program. Our programs vary widely from client to client… but something they all have in common is diversity. We believe that a combination of exercise, bodywork and movement creates variety and encourages the body to be strong and grounded.