Are you a Pilates or Gyrotonic Instructor?

Whether you're starting your own practice or looking to grow your existing clientele (but aren't ready to buy or lease your own equipment). . . this may be a solution for you!

Interested In Sharing Our Space?

With our changing economy, everyone has to re-think their business strategy-
Come share our space!

Rent out our fully equipped studio for 4 hour increments (minimum 1 block per week).
Each 4 hour block is $100.

Our studio has 20 ft. high ceilings with lots of natural light.
It's close to the 80 freeway and there's lots of free parking.


Have Questions?

We've got the latest apparatus for both Pilates and Gyrotonic:


4 Reformers,
1 Trap Table,
2 Wunda Chairs,
Large and Small Barrel,
1 Baby Arc,
4 Jump boards,
. . .and Balance Boards, Thick Airex Mats, Exercise Balls, Foam Rollers, Free Weights, etc.


2 Pulley Towers
1 Ladder Unit
1 Leg Extension Unit
1 Jumping Stretching Unit
1 Archway Unit